December 10, 1998
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Today in the chapel Maureen turned over many problems to the Blessed Mother. Maureen heard Her say: “Trust in My grace and the fervor of My love for you. Praised be Jesus.” She comes as Refuge of Holy Love.

“My daughter, the path to peace, the path to trustful surrender is Holy Humility and Holy Love. Souls who try to solve every problem without dependence on God's Provision are full of self-centeredness. Remember, everything is a grace — even the Cross. As My Son's Cross was redemptive, so too can every present moment be redemptive, if you will it so. Give everything to My Son through My Immaculate Heart– your joys, sorrows, victories, and defeats. Through Holy and Divine Love, everything can be transformed into grace.”

“My children so often do not understand this in their hearts. If you live this way, many, many can be saved.”

“Take up your abode in the humble Refuge of My Heart. Trust and have faith in Me. I am your Mother, your Refuge and Protectress. I am blessing you.”