February 6, 2009
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to help the world to see the value of a virtuous life. Every virtue, if it is sincere, helps to build up the Kingdom of God, both within the heart and in the world. Virtue is not for show; that is, the soul that tries to appear humble, patient or even holy in the eyes of others, is practicing a false virtue.”

“If a soul is pressed to practice a virtue, but doing so destroys good works or potentially harms another person, this too is the ill-use of virtue in name only. For instance, a person may be asked to keep a confidence, but in so doing, harm comes to someone in some way; or obedience may be asked of someone which destroys good works or the reputation of another. This is false use of a virtue.”

“In the virtuous life, Holy Love is the foundation. Self-interest is the enemy. Keep these maxims in your heart, and you will have secure footing upon the path of light and truth.”