March 9, 2009
God The Father

I see a large Flame. Once again I hear the voice of God the Father. He says: “I Am Who Am — The Eternal Now.”

“How is it, My daughter, that mankind listens to every voice but Mine? Recently, most in your nation reset their clocks so as to be synchronized with one another according to the law. Yet, I give to mankind Ten Commandments that they must follow to reach eternal salvation, and these Commandments are trampled under the feet of self-interest and arrogance.”

“A sordid example of what I speak is the new law your president has signed condoning embryonic stem cell research. One of My Commandments is ‘Thou shalt not kill!' My laws do not change with the whim of leadership or to gain popularity. The eternal destination of those who blatantly break My laws will not change either, unless they seek My Mercy with a repentant heart.”

“Mankind! Seek to be synchronized with My Divine Will! This is your solution to every problem.”