March 10, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Because your nation’s prosperity was the basis of a feeling of security, and now that the economic system is failing, there is a general sense of insecurity amongst the people. This is the result of the placement of trust in people and material goods rather than trust in God, which is what your nation was founded on.”

“I can only tell you where error lies. I cannot correct it. It is through free will that hearts must turn towards the truth of Holy Love. Any compromise of My commandment of love is encouraged by Satan. Certainly, then, you can see the gravity of any taking of life at any stage–conception to natural death. The human embryo is a life and must not be destroyed for scientific research or any other reason.”

“Each life that is taken illicitly affects the entire world. Every life is given for a reason. I have in My Heart a particular destiny for every individual. Every present moment that each individual lives is his alone. In each present moment he is given graces to become a saint, to overcome obstacles, to save other souls, to pray and sacrifice for the conversion of the world, to redirect those in error and to earn his own salvation. Every present moment takes him either closer to Me or farther away. No one has the right to rob anyone of an opportunity of any present moment. To do so tempts My Justice.”

“The humble-hearted easily recognizes the truth.”