March 22, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today all aspects of the world are becoming more and more polarized–good against evil. It is so in governments, economy, medicine, clothing and entertainment. Satan has succeeded in dulling the conscience of the world so that only the minority realize what is happening all around them. Those who do recognize Satan’s handiwork suffer greatly as they realize he is gaining ground, seemingly unchecked and effortlessly.”

“I come today to ask you to place every present moment in My Mother’s Immaculate Heart. Every victory, great and small, will come through Her Heart which is Holy Love. It is through Her Heart that reconciliation will come. All the problems in the Middle East manifest the heart of Satan. The solution to these problems and the victory over evil is manifested here at this apparition site. This is why those who come here feel Heaven’s peace–the peace of My Mother’s Heart.”

“No present moment can be retrieved. Once it is gone–it is gone forever. Therefore, surrender each present moment to the peace of My Mother’s Heart–Holy Love. This is the solution and the victory. If each heart accomplishes this, you will have peace in the world. Truth will be recognized and reign. You will be living in the victory of the New Jerusalem.”