March 25, 2009
Feast of the Annunciation
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“No one can destroy life in the name of God Who creates all life. Satan is in the heart of every terrorist, even the ones who are deceived into thinking that by killing themselves and others along with them, they will come straight to Heaven.”

“Satan is in the hearts of those who lie and cheat towards self-gain. They are investing in their own destruction.”

“The world will not find solutions to any problem unless the children of God return to the rules for success that My Father gave them – the Ten Commandments.”

“If you are saddened by those who turn against this Mission, think how sad the Eternal Father is by the multitude that has turned on Him.”

“Here today I am calling souls into Divine Love–Merciful Love–for it is through My Mercy hearts are given this Mission and the grace to change.”

“Today people do not respect littleness of heart. Humility is not a commodity sought after. Yet the smaller and more childlike you become, the more you resemble My Mother's Heart as the Angel Gabriel found Her on this feast day – [Feast of the Annunciation]. The smaller you become, the bigger you are in My Heart. The smaller you become, the more you lose sight of yourself and see Me in every present moment.”