March 28, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Why do you fear, O man of earth? For current events do not threaten you if you live in Holy Love–My two great commandments. I have formed of you a holy nation and set you apart from anarchy and rambling political affairs. Of this nation shall arise a fortress of hope. The time has come now to recognize that your citizenship is in Heaven. On earth let your hearts be united as one in Our United Hearts.”

“This holy nation has a stable and solid constitution which is the law of Holy Love; this nation has its economy based on My Provision and it will not fail you.”

“Therefore, rejoice and do not fear. No revolution can overthrow what I have now set in place, for this holy nation is in hearts. The boundaries of this nation are from horizon to horizon, and from Heaven to earth. It will not fall to ruin but rise up in victory when I return. Patient hope will be your flag; carry it in your hearts. The peace it brings you will identify you in crowds–one to the other.”

“Therefore, do not be chained to fear of the future and what it will bring. Unchain your hearts with the key of patient hope and trust in Me.”