April 2, 2009
Heaven Speaks to the Heart of the World (specifically-the path the world is taking)
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I invite all to realize that Satan is manipulating the world economy so as to force nations to unite in a one-world order. He knows that the only way to bring the United States completely under his control is by toppling their economic foundation.”

“I further invite you to see that nations who do not place God in the center of their hearts will be the most likely to fail. When man’s efforts are trusted more than God’s Divine Plan, when the economy comes before God’s Will, Satan’s plans gain precedence, and the path of failure yawns wide.”

“This nation [USA] succeeded in its inception, for God was the center of its inception; this is not so today. I am calling you to return to love of God and neighbor so that I can step in and assist you. Evil plots against your nation are springing up like flowers in springtime. Your nation is no longer united in an effort to remain secure.”

“You must pray that your country’s leaders take a more active stand against threats aimed at national security. Befriending the enemy is not a choice if the enemy does not desire friendship. In such a case where religion dictates animosity, it is most prudent to pray for your enemies rather than naively seek friendship while evil slips in the back door.”