April 7, 2009
Heaven Speaks to the Heart of the World (specifically-the path the world is taking)
Jesus Christ

“Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“My daughter, through you I have spoken many times to the world on subjects ranging from personal holiness to world events. Today My words concern each one, for I am speaking to the world on the unexpected. Here in this area, you are experiencing an unexpected burst of winter weather just as spring has come upon you. In the world, unexpected and unprecedented events are taking place. I speak of what has been hidden in hearts as secret agendas of politicians and of the misguided hearts of certain ‘religions’. I speak of threats turning into reality and of the rebellion of nature itself.”

“Therefore, let nothing find you unprepared. Your strength and your readiness is the Holy Love in your hearts. Heaven will match grace to events which frighten those who are unprepared in Holy Love. Heaven will manifest all that mankind needs–to believe in Holy Love. Do not fear. Live each present moment in Holy Love deep in the Heart of My Beloved Son.”

“Remember always, I am your Refuge of Holy Love. Call upon Me under this title. My Heart is yours.”