April 9, 2009
Jesus Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary

Holy Thursday – A. M.
“Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“My daughter, the holy priesthood has been the object of Satan’s attacks for over a hundred years. While priests have always been his target, the attacks have never been so intense and diversified as in this last century.”

“Many are the heretics and apostates amongst the priesthood. Sad to say, their opinions carry much weight in the world, for they are clothed exteriorly in righteousness; but God does not look at exteriors–He looks only at the heart. Having a vocation to the religious life is not your salvation; living in Holy Love is your salvation. Holy Love dictates that you live in the Truth.”

“Priests such as these–priests who have betrayed their vocations by living lies–have led many astray. Many are the souls that have fallen to their perdition because of liberalism and feminism within the Church.”

Holy Thursday – P.M.
Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I desire the people understand My Love and Mercy more. I do not measure failure; I count successes. I see very lovingly each moment that the soul gives his heart over to Me. I care deeply for such unselfishness that motivates frail human love. That is why I cry out in this age of self-centeredness. Because people place all their trust in human effort, I must step back and allow them to make free will mistakes.”

“But I call out from the tabernacles of the world seeking your acknowledgment, if only a fond glance. Do not pander to title, money or love of reputation. Console Me and I will console you. Trust in Me and I will not fail you.”

“Fill My Heart with your trust, for It feels empty without it. Together, you and I are all-powerful. Do not doubt it. Oh, if only the heart of the world would come to understand this! Love is the solution to the world’s woes. Trust is the fruit of the love you have for Me.”

“Fill My Heart with your trust.”