May 8, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have been watching with joy as you watch the basketball games. You are lighthearted as your team is so good [Cavaliers]. I wish to compare this sport to the spiritual life.”

“In basketball one goal is never enough–never too much. In the spiritual life the same holds true. You may meet the challenge of patience; just then, another test presents itself. You may be tested in spiritual pride. In basketball the opponent does not weary. The same is true in the spiritual realm.”

“Here is the big difference. In sports the opponent is obvious–even visible. In the world, Satan–your opponent–hides. He may even present himself as good. In any sport, it is wise to study your opponent to know him and how he attacks. How much more important is it to know Satan–how he presents himself, and how he attacks. Only a fool would enter an athletic competition without any skills.”

“In the spiritual realm, you must strengthen yourselves with prayer and sacrifices; then your skills in facing your opponent–Satan–become perfected.”