May 13, 2009
Feast of Our Lady of Fatima
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, Jesus in His Generous Love, has allowed yet another grace to come into the world through this Mission; for He allows Me to come to you again. Please listen and take heed.”

“Dear children, you must realize that the world is in peril, for it does not recognize the path it pursues as evil. This is the purpose of My coming here–of Jesus' apparitions and many of the saints.”

“The treasure of your hearts and what you must seek in every present moment is to be ever closer to My Jesus through His Commandments of Love. Today the world embraces violence, terrorism, war and every sort of worldly gain; for the world population does not live in Holy Love, which is one with God's Will.”

“The very ones who should support and encourage the prayer efforts here deny that Heaven is intervening to correct hearts. They have chosen, not only to oppose Heaven, but to deceive My children about the messenger, the messages and all the graces given here. Satan is the father of all lies.”

“I have given the world a very important weapon here in the Rosary of the Unborn; it stops abortions and saves lives. But a weapon is only strong against the enemy if it is put to use. Those who discredit this rosary are responsible for the millions of lives lost by prayers that are never prayed upon it. I remind you–you cannot sit on the fence in spiritual warfare. If you are not fighting the enemy–in this case the sin of abortion with the Rosary of the Unborn–then you are lending strength to evil.”

“Do not be deceived by title or importance in the world; all these things are passing. Take up arms against evil and you will more readily see where Satan lays hidden.”

“I am your Refuge in this hour of distress. Jesus deems it so.”