December 21, 1998
Jesus Christ

Jesus comes. He says: “I am here – your Jesus, Redeemer and King.”

” Little sister, many do not understand My Heart or Divine Love. As My Mother's Heart is the Refuge of sinners, My Heart is the dwelling of Divine Intimacy. To know My Heart is to know Divine Love. My Divine Love is unconditional. All I ask of you is that you love Me. Then you will feel My Divine Love in return. My Love and My Mercy are one; each builds on the other.”

“Make the little prayer known that I gave you – the prayer that draws you into the present moment. That prayer in itself is a refuge from Satan. Make it known. I desire it.”

The following is the prayer, given to Maureen 12/19/98, which Jesus referred to:

“Jesus, be King of this present moment. Take my heart, my soul, and my will and make them Your own.”