June 26, 2009
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I come to help each soul realize that faith is not grounded upon great cathedrals or even persons of noted title or rank within the Church. Faith must be anchored upon Holy Love in the heart.”

“If it is not, then it is an imitation–a superficial faith. Each one’s heart is either genuine or artificial in its affections. God, Who looks only at the heart, judges only according to the Holy Love in the heart or the lack thereof at the moment of death. False virtues, attachments to the world, unforgiveness, all arguments or excuses, do the soul no good in that most important present moment.”

“Because faith is according to each individual heart, the soul becomes a battleground–truth against Satan’s lies. Turn to Me in your conflicts for I am the Protectress of your Faith. I will defend your faith, as My Son has given the faith of your heart over to Me. Do not entrust this gift of faith to anyone else–to false opinions borne of hatred, to jealous ones whom Heaven has lost influence over–or to those who only seek control and not your welfare.”