July 3, 2009
Eve of Independence Day – USA – 4th of July
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come today to help you realize that many ‘silent’ and not so silent ‘revolutions’ are taking place in the world today. In your country democracy was silently overthrown. The weapon used was rhetoric. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights no longer carry weight. This has happened because of man’s concern for money. Satan has used and continues to use this disordered love to bring the last bastion of democracy to ruin.”

“Next, we must look at the moral revolution taking place around the world. The Father’s Commandments are not upheld and obeyed. These Commandments cannot even be freely displayed in some places without protest. Homosexuality boldly demands recognition and rights as though governments must support sin. Birth control and the horror of abortion take lives and obstruct My Father’s Will for the world. Many worthy leaders have lost their lives in these ways. Forms of nature–seasons, rocks, wind, etc.–have taken on the form of false deities.”

“I must mention the revolution taking place within the Church itself. Liberalism has won over many hearts. The Tradition of Faith is too often considered a stumbling block. There are those who seek women priests and making individual consciences supreme over Church teaching.”

“Is it any wonder that this Mission, which is a nail in the coffin of each one of these revolutions, is opposed? My sheep must not lose courage; be steadfast–stalwart. Many battles will strengthen and unite you, but not defeat you.”