July 9, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate – Son of the Eternal Now.”

“Today a great number in the world reject the Father’s Divine Will for them, thus redirecting the heart of the world towards destruction. People reject the new life I place in the womb. They reject personal holiness. Many reject the truth of the path of righteousness. Most reject Heaven’s intervention through these apparitions at this site.”

“Yet I tell you, Heaven does not abandon the needs of all the lambs of the world. Continually, persistently and for all eternity, My Mother’s presence remains at this site. Here She nourishes peace of heart; here She opens Her Heart, which is the Gateway to the New Jerusalem. The peace felt here is the Eternal Sign of God’s Peace which He desires for all humanity.”

“Many who journey here will find their hearts convicted in the truth which is Holy Love. This illumination is My Hand drawing souls closer to Me. It is a great grace this self-knowledge–one to be treasured. Indeed, it is a treasure beyond compare–a pearl of great price.”