August 2, 2009
Feast – Mary of the Holy Angels
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I come to you under the title of Mary of the Holy Angels. Angels, dear children, are all around you, but most of all when you do good for others while forgetting self. It is this selfless love that attracts the angels. It is during such moments when you forget self that the angels most easily influence your thoughts, words and actions. Self-centeredness keeps the angels at a distance.”

“The choirs of angels are most dominantly present during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Even if an unbeliever or an unrepentant sinner attends a Mass, the angels are still around such a one, trying to influence his conversion. The angels have pulled many from their descent to perdition by directing the words and actions of other people.”

“On the property here, the angel that is assigned each soul at Maranatha Spring tries to bring the peace of Holy Love into the soul he is assigned. The angel tries to inspire the Message of Holy Love to come alive in the heart of the soul, no matter his faith, creed or lack thereof. In God's Eyes every soul is precious.”

“There is a multitude of angels at this apparition site–each one with a specific duty towards the salvation of souls. There is a special angel assigned to each Station of the Cross and at each statue whose duty is to inspire deeper devotion in the hearts of passersby. There is an angel at the House of Testimonies whose job is to inspire those who read the testimonies. There are many angels around the Prayer Center and some in the book store. Many tend to the new construction; one is at the arbor where I appeared; more are inside the Rectory Complex.”

“Many of My angels have been caught on camera–more will be–do not be surprised.”

“Once again I tell you, many angels will be with Me at the next midnight apparition. I will send them into the crowd.”