August 19, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I am omnipresent. I know every secret, every desire hidden in hearts. I see all the evil schemes against Truth. I see the abuse of power and authority that rises up in hearts from motives of jealous ambition and control.”

“I am here to protect My Mission against the enemy of all Truth. None shall destroy it.”

“When anyone defends the Truth, I, the God of Holy and Divine Love, defend them. The glory of their soul mounts up in Heaven and all the Heavenly Court comes to their aid. Take these words to heart as true Missionaries of Holy Love. Every effort to propagate these Messages gains for you greater glory in Heaven. Those who make it their mission to oppose Heaven's Mission here will be judged according to their purpose.”

“Once again I tell you, do not be tricked by Satan to think judging is discerning.”