August 22, 2009
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I come to speak to you about truth. Truth lives in hearts. It is acted upon in thought, word and deed. It cannot be altered in any way. If it is changed through free will, it is no longer the truth but Satan's lie.”

“People profane truth to gain their own advantage over others or over situations. When you shade the truth, you are still cooperating with the father of lies. This is accomplished when you portray people or events in a negative light, which may be only your negative opinion.”

“Anything that you try to hide under the cloak of darkness is clothed in untruth. All will be revealed in the light. Deception is not of God; guile is untruth personified.”

“Each soul is called to be a child of the Light–the Light of Truth. The Spirit of Truth–the Holy Spirit–calls each soul who makes his way to this prayer site to be illuminated by the Light of Truth. Allow this Light of Truth to illuminate your inner being. To cooperate with Truth is to cooperate with God's Divine Will, for these two are one.”