August 27, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I invite all people and all nations to realize that Satan is actively opposing this Mission. He has misrepresented the Mission, the Messages and the messenger to many influential people in the world, and even in the Vatican itself. His goal is to destroy truth with untruth.”

“In this nation your government has become a cover for subterfuge. The same spirit of lies is at work in this political arena as is coming against this Mission and these Messages. It is this lying spirit that seeks to control hearts, but knows full well he cannot do so in the Light of Truth.”

“Do not be tricked by the false accusations of those of title or by their demands of obedience. You must always live in the truth and proclaim the truth. Those who seek to control, seek to limit your choices–limit the information you receive–thereby controlling your free will decisions.”

“In this Mission no Message has been released which is against faith or morals. Therefore, they are rightfully, freely propagated. In this country efforts are being put forth to limit freedom of speech in the media; thus only one side of current events would be made available to the public. This is not democracy!”

“To try to control or to stop Heaven’s work here is not of the Holy Spirit Who is the Spirit of Truth itself.”