August 30, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come as it is the Will of My Father. I address the opponents of this Mission. Take pause and reflect upon what you are opposing here. This Mission supports and propagates Holy Love–the two great commandments I gave you when I walked the earth. These two commandments are the embodiment and the fulfillment of all the other commandments.”

“You should not, therefore, search out some far-fetched reason to disbelieve. The graces, apparitions and Messages given here are poignant and frequent. This is because these times are evil and perilous. I seek to redirect the heart of the world into Holy Love and away from terror, violence and moral degeneration.”

“Who do you think would profit most from the failure of Holy Love? Certainly, such a failure would bring less souls into the Kingdom of Heaven, and more souls would miss the graces offered here, miss any conversion of heart through the Messages and quite possibly slip to their perdition.”

“Need I spell out for you the name of the enemy?”

“Be wise and take full advantage of what Heaven is doing here, and will continue to do despite flagrant opposition.”

“I call all people and all nations to come to this site and drink in the peace of My Mother's Heart.”