August 31, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I desire that the entire Confraternity–the entire journey into Our United Hearts–be made ecumenical, uniting all people and all nations to Our United Hearts; for this is a journey into personal holiness that all are called to. It is a path of salvation, unity and peace.”

“Do not be put off by those who say they do not approve of this spirituality. I, your Jesus, call each one and all into the innermost recesses of My Heart. It is only through purging of faults and failings and an illumination of conscience that this journey can be made.”

“Just as I call all people and all nations onto this spiritual path of sanctification, I call everyone–no matter their faith–onto this property where grace abounds. I exclude no one. My Mother’s Heart opens to you here. She awaits your arrival. You will feel Her presence here as a sign of Heaven’s approval. Do not hesitate as some try to confuse you with their sanctimonious rash judgments, which are presented as ‘discernment’.”

“Open your hearts to the truth of these Messages. The grace will be given to all to accept the truth with a movement of their free will.”