October 2, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“When mankind departs from the truth, every sort of error enters in. Truth guards the heart against evil; lies open the heart to the compromise of good. When a soul embraces a lie, he also embraces the evil promoted by the father of all lies. In so doing, he opposes God’s Will which is Eternal Truth.”

“Whole countries, many religions and governing bodies are led astray by lying spirits. The spirit of lies obscures the line between good and evil; thus clouding moral issues, political issues and justifiable actions in the political arena. Satan sets up false goals in order to attain his evil both in hearts and in the world There are many ‘dry martyrs’ today held captive by those who embrace Satan’s lies.”

“This is why My Mission here is a Mission clothed in the victory of truth. As long as this garment of truth does not succumb to error, I will not allow it to stumble and fall.”