October 6, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I invite the world to realize that sins are always the bad fruit of self-love. Satan convinces the soul that the sin will bring some sort of good or some sort of pleasure. Through self-love the soul accepts the lie and surrenders to sin.”

“This is why I come to you in the Spirit of Truth–to help you see that Truth is the way of salvation. Lies lead not only to sin but to disorder, disunity and confusion. There is never a good or justifiable reason to embrace a lie–not to protect reputation or to cover up some sin. I see into every conscience. I do not condone any mental reservation the soul makes in order to justify a lie. It does not matter to Me, your Lord, whom you think you're protecting or what ‘greater good' Satan dangles in front of you to tempt you to lie. A lie is a lie. Calumny and detraction, embezzlement and perversity are still sins.”

“Live in the Truth.”