October 20, 2009
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Trust Me in this. Where there is indecision, there is Satan’s confusion. I call you to firmness of purpose so that you are sure-footed along the path of righteousness. The beginning and the end of every situation comes together now in the present moment in your trust in Me.”

“My Provision is perfect in the Father’s Divine Will. Sometimes a soul is only given to see the underside of the tapestry of God’s plans. He views the tangle of threads, which are the unfolding of events, but he does not see the beauty of the completed design. He does not see how all of these threads come together to form God’s plan.”

“This is where trust must take over. The soul must trust that all the events that seem unrelated will be pulled into place to form the beautiful design of God’s Divine Will; for through My Father’s Will, beauty can be formed in the midst of the most ugly, treasures can be wrought from sand, and strength given to the weakest.”