October 24, 2009
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I have come to tell you these things to help the world and each soul in the difficulties of these times. The innermost fiber of the heart must be truth itself if the soul seeks to please God and to pursue holiness. This being true of each soul, it is also true for the heart of the Church, the heart of governments and for the policies set forth by leadership.”

“When truth is compromised in any way, the innermost heart – the very fiber of the heart – is weakened. Lies beget lies and soon the entire soul is weakened, compromised and confused. Confusion breeds more confusion; then truth is no longer served and righteousness is abandoned.”

“You can see how Satan uses self-love to attain his end, for Satan is the father of lies and confusion. He uses love of reputation, power, money and ambition to begin the chain of lies. This is how Satan is seeking control of the entire world. His plan is not a world of order, but of unyielding control. Do not be duped by terms that suggest otherwise. Lies will not breed righteous peace.”