November 10, 2009
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“While the flower of this Mission continues to open and to bloom, drawing thousands to its presence with the fragrance of its grace, there are still and always will be the detractors – the ones who deny the legitimacy of Heaven’s Mission here. These are the ones who do not search out the truth but look for any reason to deny the truth itself.”

“Heaven does not intercede here to compete with any existing authority, but to save souls – a goal which should be shared with one and all. Those who do not understand this must also not understand that in Heaven there are no labels as to beliefs or opinions. All of that is left behind. The only vestment that follows the soul into Heaven is the Holy Love he holds in his heart. It is man that opposes Holy Love out of error. It is God who calls you to peace through Holy Love.”