October 17, 1996
In a field at My Father’s House a retreat center in Connecticut
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother is here all in white. She has a scapular in one hand and a rosary in the other, and Her Heart is exposed. She says: “My little children, thank you for coming as I have called you. Pray with Me now for all sinners, but most especially for government leaders.” We prayed.

“Dear children, I come to you tonight to reassure you along the way I am calling you. Be certain that My grace is guiding you. Do not be afraid or fear opposition; My grace will overcome. You feel the path I lead you upon to be uncertain and unfamiliar, but I tell you My grace is the light upon the path which will prove to be well trodden and one of great reward.”

“Each of you is called to a particular and certain mission in these times. You must come to Me, your Mother, with your fears and your doubts and allow Me to take you into My Immaculate Heart, where I will resolve all your fears and all you doubts through My grace. Tonight I am extending to you the Blessing of Holy Love.”