March 8, 1999
The Child Jesus

“I am here. I am Jesus, born of the flesh. Child, today I will liken the mount to perfection to the construction of a house. The house is made of materials. These are the virtues in the spiritual life. The materials are useless unless the builder puts them together. The builder is your free will. The final product is a thing of beauty to behold, just as a soul is beautiful to Me that seeks union with Me through perfection. The house that is constructed is not only beautiful but can be put to use by many people. This is how I use a soul with many virtues. Such a soul can be used by Me for the good of many others.”

Footnote: Half way through this visit my (Maureen's) dog started to play with the new doormat. She would not obey me when I said ‘no'. Jesus smiled. He glanced her way. A light shone from His Heart onto the dog and the dog stopped, put the mat down and walked away.