December 20, 2009
Jesus Christ

Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“These days and during these times, Satan is using politics to confuse moral decisions. Nowhere is this more evident than in your country which used to boast of its freedom. When free choice became synonymous with the ‘right’ to destroy life in the womb, your nation chose an ominous destiny.”

“This Mission has become a frontier in the battle to maintain religious freedom; that is, the right to gather and pray no matter the belief that is held in hearts – no matter the label as to religious sect. To stand up for such freedoms requires courage – even Holy Boldness.”

“For some, Holy Love is like a lifeboat adrift on a sea of confusion. Those who give in to Satan’s confusion see Holy Love only as a target. They take aim under various forms of communication. I tell you, no matter the signs, wonders and miracles which have taken place and will continue to take place, there will always be detractors.”

“You must be warriors of truth, never accepting compromise for any reason. As missionaries in a world that nurtures lies, you must stand upright in the truth. Sin is only accepted in the heart through Satan’s lies, trickery and deceit. But Holy Love is the bastion of truth that will be victorious.”