December 31, 2009
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, on the vigil of My feast day, I have come to draw even more people into the remnant of faith. Hearing My call to you – each of you – carries with it a responsibility. It is a call to believe in, and to act upon the Truth. Saying that you do not believe in these Messages does not exempt you from living in the Truth, which is to live according to the Laws of Love.”

“When My Infant Son slept, He was surrounded and enveloped in peace. Today the conscience of the world is asleep, but this peace is a false peace. It has opened the door to violence and the threat of violence, war and the threat of war; moral degeneration and the threat of greater degeneration. Sin has been accepted as moral, rightful and even legal. Yet the conscience of mankind continues to sleep, not realizing that the greatest threat to humanity lies within the heart of man himself.”

“Being that the future of mankind depends upon what lies in his own heart, understand that the solution to all of mankind’s problems is the correction of what is in hearts. This is why I have been sent to you at this site. This is why I call you to conversion and into a deeper personal holiness. If you do not believe in what I have come to tell you, then you are rejecting God’s solution and God’s Will for you.”

“I call you to be at peace in righteousness – not to a false security in complacency. In every present moment, My call must resound in your hearts as Truth; otherwise humanity will continue on its collision course with its own demise. Each heart has, in every present moment, the ability to change the future of the world. Respond to the grace of My call.”