January 2, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come to you today as the year ahead unfolds, which will offer victory and defeat, challenges and doorways to trust in Divine Provision. There will be tragedies in many areas of the world. These should serve as a wake-up call to humanity to return to God – to My Father's Divine Will. The Ministry here will continue to flourish, for the need will become more apparent. Opposition to the prayer effort here will gradually be seen as the evil to be avoided – not the opinion to be embraced. Therefore, opposition will dwindle.”

“Today I come to help you realize that just as each snowflake has its own unique design, every present moment is uniquely designed by grace in each individual's life as an opportunity for salvation – even sanctification. Depending upon the choices of free will, the present moment is either used to its fullest or wasted. The present moment, once spent, is gone forever – never to return in the same way with its opportunity of grace.”

“The choices of free will in the present moment determine futures, and even world events. This is why hearts must be formed in Holy Love. The heart of the world can only be changed one heart at a time through Holy Love; there is no short cut. Help Me to change hearts and influence the world in Holy Love – in the present moment.”