January 3, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come once again today to call all people and all nations to be reconciled and united in Holy Love. Anything – thought, word or deed – that detracts from love of God above all else and neighbor as self dissolves this union I call you to. When I say all people and all nations, I speak not only of national boundaries but religious boundaries, as well. I call Moslem, Christian and Jew to unite in Holy Love. There are extremists in the nation of Islam that promote a religion of terror, which is not of God. Violence is inspired by evil. Any secret organization which operates covertly is inspired by the occult, and must come into the Light of Truth which is Holy Love.”

“Before the world can be at peace, truth must reign in all hearts. Hidden agendas must be exposed to the Light of Truth and dissolved in the purifying Flame of My Mother's Heart.”

“Prayer and sacrifice must overcome the evil of these times. Defend what is of God in this way. Lift up what is true; trample underfoot that which is evil. Stand for the truth. I will stand with you.”