January 9, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Tell Me that you trust Me.”

Maureen: “I trust you.”

He smiles. “In your trust is your love. When you trust, you abandon yourself to Me; then I can use you to the fullest. The greatest imagination nor the highest intellect could not conceive of the power which your trust in Me engenders. It gives Me the freedom to act without human stipulation. Your trust loosens the Hand of Providence; thereby sending to earth a torrent of grace.”

“These graces come, not by way of proving the actions of the supernatural here at this site to those who do not want to believe, but these graces flow forth as Divine Mercy – Divine Love – into the hearts of those who love Me enough to trust in Me.”

“So on the dawning of My Feast of Mercy shall I come to this site and show forth My Power to those that come with trusting hearts.”

“Through time and space, the Blood and Water will once again pour forth from My Side. Choose to come in faith – believe in trust and to love Me.”