February 6, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Once again I come to tell you that world peace will not come to you through man's attempts to be united with one another. Man must first and foremost be united with God; then unity amongst all people and all nations will be genuine and long lasting.”

“If humanity attempts to unite under love of power, money or control, the union will be under the auspices of Satan himself. Such a union is not under My Finger of Protection and will not survive the ravages of time, the violence chosen by free will or freakish acts of nature. Such unions will be stripped of their power, riches and rights. These things mankind calls upon himself and are permitted by the Divine Will of My Father. As such, it is the ongoing process of the purification before My Triumphant Return.”

“By your efforts, turn back the Hand of Judgment. Pray and sacrifice most especially for an end to the evil of abortion. This sin alone calls upon the wrath of God. He will act, if you do not act, to appease His Heart.”

“Recognize the value of every present moment. In eternity you will fully realize the power of your free will choices for or against Holy Love in every moment. Since there is no time in eternity, you will no longer have the power to choose good over evil.”

“I tell you these things now as a fair warning. Never oppose good, such as prayer, out of self-interest. Your agendas will come to naught and you will be stripped of your power.”