February 11, 2010
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Lourdes. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today Jesus allows that I return to earth once again in an effort to redirect the heart of the world. These Messages are reaching many, and some hearts are changing; but too many are not listening and continue on the path of perdition.”

“I ask today that the world see that planet earth is facing ruin, not through climate changes, which is only a human agenda towards control, but through the evil that is in hearts. Secretly, a movement has been started towards a One World Order. Now it is coming into the open. But this is an evil plan set in motion to benefit a few. God's plan is for a New World Order of Holy Love.”

“God does not condone violence, the hoarding of power or worldly goods. God is not in any form of government that strips people of dignity and basic rights. God is not in secretive collusions.”

“The Will of God is Holy Love, which is truth itself. Those who set about trying to disdain Holy Love are not living in the truth. There are movements afoot in governments, society and the Church itself, which oppose the truth for seemingly some ‘worthy' cause. Nothing based upon untruth is from God and will not succeed or last. Therefore, I call upon all that is just, truthful and loving within governments, society and the Church to unite in Holy Love. This must happen as a force to oppose the evil that claims hearts today.”

“Dear children, listen to your Heavenly Mother with your hearts today. I will bless your efforts to make these words to you known.”