February 23, 2010
God The Father

Once again I see a great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of the Eternal Father. He says: “I am the Eternal Now. I have come to express to you the Sorrow of My Paternal Heart. Throughout the history of mankind, I have suffered rejection at the hands of man. It began in the Garden of Eden. It continued after I gave the Ten Commandments to My servant Moses.”

“Even after I sent My Only Begotten Son [into the world] the heart of humanity did not change. My Son was rejected by the very ones He came to save. He was crucified by the pharisaical spirit which remains in the world today.”

“When I do try to intervene in world events today, I send My Son, His Mother or many saints. My efforts are still rejected by this same pharisaical spirit.”

“My Two Great Commandments – to love Me above all else and neighbor as self – are ignored by most.”

“False gods have taken My place in hearts – the gods of money, power, lust, reputation and control. These gods are dead ends and will never lead anyone to eternal life.”

“I will not be put off by the arrogance of mankind; nor shall I safeguard egos. I will continue My quest to further this Mission of Holy Love in hearts and in the world. I will not change My path; therefore, the enemy must.”