February 24, 2010
Blessed Virgin Mary


Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, today your Heavenly Mother comes with love to help you understand completely the credibility of the graces poured out at this site of Heaven's favor and through these Messages.”

“These days such graces are often viewed with envious hearts which inspire rash judgment and the desire to control – even abolish. In ages past, the good was weighed with any negative. But today, Church officials listen to any negative opinion and disregard any genuine, positive grace. This attitude is adopted with an eye to control. True discernment comes through the Spirit of Truth – not through any power or authority that seeks only to tear down and destroy.”

“The burden of discernment, therefore, lies with each individual. You must not rely solely upon unjust opinions, but look always with the eyes of truth into the action of grace at this apparition site and in these Messages.”

“Heaven comes here seeking each one's salvation and affirming every soul's duty towards his own personal holiness. A path is given you here – the path that leads through the Chambers of the United Hearts. It is a clear path leading to sanctification, if it is diligently followed.”

“It is only the action of evil that clouds the way for you. For who else would distort My call to the virtuous life and Heaven's resounding call to truth itself?”

“These decades of Messages offered here will take many years of in-depth study before an honest and unbiased opinion can be offered. Do not allow the light of all that Heaven offers here to be buried under the cover of a hasty, cursory opinion. Within your own hearts, My dear children, discover the truth.”

“I sorrow to have to reveal to you such truths as I have today. It is for the sake of souls I do so. Souls are the most important – not reputation, egos or title; these are passing – eternal salvation is not.”

February 24, 2010

St. Joseph says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Do not be surprised at the frankness with which the Holy Virgin has spoken to you this morning. Righteously She places the intricate truths of these Messages above the protection of power and authority which chooses to oppose Heaven's efforts here.”

“Realize Heaven has chosen to protect the truth.”