March 2, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you, the supreme virtue that wisely directs all hearts is trust in the Divine Will of God – in Divine Mercy and Divine Providence.”

“If human hearts could only surrender completely to the Eternal Divine Will, the decisions of all people and of whole nations would come under the protection of Divine Provision; whole governments and bodies of peoples would change direction. There would be no pending chastisement; terrorism and natural disasters would cease.”

“But as it is these days, people trust too much in themselves – in human effort to accomplish and to solve everything. This is why the Protective Hand of God is withdrawing. This is why My Mother calls Her children with haste to conversion and to seek shelter in Her Immaculate Heart. Even so, Her most loving efforts are scoffed at. As She desires to lift the veil that clouds truth itself, mankind seeks to cover the truth and propagate lies.”

“Today I encourage the ones who do trust in Me and in My Father's Will to persevere – persevere in truth and in righteousness.”