March 13, 2010
Jesus Christ


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you solemnly, My Will is One with the Will of My Father Who is Eternal Truth and the Eternal Now. I am not in lies and slander. I am not part of trumped-up investigations, cursory reviews of 25 years of messages or the supposed connection with high officials' concern over the prayer effort here.”

“When I return, My Victory will be a Victory of Truth. I desire all people and all nations gather here and abide in the truth which is Holy Love. Outside of Holy Love there is no truth.”


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come today to tell you, and all who will listen, what makes up an unsavory and false judgment against this Mission and many others.”

“First and foremost, the ‘investigation' was conducted with an eye to destroy – close down – annihilate. True discernment can never arise from a biased heart. True discernment does not come from a heart that holds a preconceived opinion or agenda. Such a ‘discernment' is strictly human opinion or judgment – not inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

“This major point well-taken, please understand that no diocese can presume to have the right to pass judgment upon or to take control of an ecumenical ministry. It is not the right of any diocese to define a Mission as Catholic if they are established as ecumenical. To do so far exceeds the authority of any prelate. This truth alone shows the desire of any diocese to control an ecumenical ministry as simply an inappropriate power play.”

“Perhaps if hierarchy would reestablish their hearts in the truth, they would better understand the meaning of the term ‘ecumenical'.”

“In this diocese I desire the bishop works with this prayer effort – united in the common goal of bringing peace to the world and salvation to souls. Holy Love is the Two Great Commandments that I, Myself, gave to the world when I walked amongst you. Do not place love of money, power or control above My laws. I call one and all – laity, priests and hierarchy alike – to look at the truth of My words here today.”

“Do not mistakenly think I would not correct My own. I desire each one's salvation no matter his station in life or position of authority. Do not adopt a pharisaical spirit. Be humble. Humility is truth itself.”