March 21, 2010
Blessed Virgin Mary

(House of Representatives to vote on Health Care Bill today.)

“Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today your country faces the challenge of discerning good from intrinsic evil. The legislators are voting on the future of your nation and all of its citizenry. If passed, this Bill will dictate the direction of all the people of this once great nation.”

“The ones who live in truth realize the impact of such a law. But many are fooled by rhetoric and are very ready to choose unwisely. Unfortunately, all is up to free will. Dear children, I, your Heavenly Mother, am trying to influence hearts to recognize the truth.”

“The father of lies has influenced many a leader in all walks of life from the path of truth onto the path of compromise. This is a temptation, which is easily surrendered to, in the face of love of power and reputation.”

“But I invite all to comprehend that you cannot influence God's Judgment with your worldly position of importance. When you are responsible for the well-being of many people, God judges you according to the measure of Holy Love with which you see to their welfare.”

“You cannot bargain or bribe your way around this. Remember, Holy Love is the truth. Any thought, word or action beyond or outside of Holy Love is not of God. Do not be fooled.”

“Walk in the truth of Holy Love and do not prescribe to any other course. My Immaculate Heart is your refuge and your guide.”