March 25, 2010
Feast of The Annunciation
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come today as I always do with the permission of My Son. I invite the world to peacefully submit to God's Divine Will. This is impossible to the proud and arrogant heart, for such a one holds self-interest in his future. If I had done so many centuries ago, I never would have given My ‘fiat' which you celebrate today. But as it was, My Heart was always predisposed to trust.”

“The trusting heart cannot fear. It is not insecure and, therefore, is not envious or greedy. The trusting heart respects the reputation of others for he lives in Holy Love. Holy Love manifests itself in trustful surrender to God's Will. The soul that trusts is not burdened, then, with anxiety about what might happen in the future. He knows God will sustain him through His Divine Providence.”

“Today I come especially to call all people and all nations to unity in Holy Love; this is the road to peace. It is the path and the solution God chooses for you. Holy Love is God's Divine Mercy on earth. My Son is calling all leaders – government leaders and religious leaders – to be united in Holy Love. No longer oppose one another or distance yourselves from those God has given you to lead. Be one in the Heart of the Eternal Father. God is not in conflict, whether in ideologies or in aggressive actions against one another.”

“God is in His Commandments – the embodiment of which is Holy Love.”

“Be disarmed of your weapons, whether they be weapons of mass destruction or words. Do not oppose good with self-righteousness. The judgment will fall upon you. Embrace God's Commandments of Love. Live in the truth.”