April 21, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I invite mankind to realize the particular significance of the cloud of volcanic ash that is passing over certain areas of the earth, blocking air traffic. Mankind, in a similar way, blocks the Will of God when he places his own free will between his heart and the Heart of My Father; furthermore, such an attitude obstructs the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

“When man leaves God out of his plans, it is very easy for Satan to enter in, promoting his own agenda. This is quite evident today in many governing bodies where unbridled power has infiltrated the Truth of the Holy Spirit with lies.”

“Immorality soon overpowers good. Misinformation takes on a life of its own. Mistrust becomes a way of life and a fruit of so much confusion.”

“This ‘cloud of ash' will only be blown away when mankind begins to think, speak and act only in the Spirit of Truth – the Holy Spirit.”

“Allow your hearts to always be Temples of the Holy Spirit – Sanctuaries of Truth.”