April 22, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today I have come to remind you of how you used to pick fruit as a youngster, often using the ‘little stepladder' as you called it. You see, I remember everything you ever did or thought, except for your sins, which I have forgiven. You climbed very gingerly up the three little steps, knowing your mother wanted the fruit for a pie. Do you recall?”

“Now I'm telling you, Holy Love is the ‘little stepladder' to the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The deeper the virtue of Holy Love in the heart, the deeper the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You must watch carefully every step – every present moment – being watchful over the Holy Love in your heart, just as you were cautious over each step you took on the ‘little stepladder'.”

“Your mother wanted the fruit you picked to make a pie. Your Heavenly Mother desires you have every fruit of the Holy Spirit to make you holy.”

“You never consumed the pies your mother made; but I am going to give you a great palate for holiness. I desire every soul long for personal holiness. I wish to give to the heart of the world an appetite for holiness.”