April 23, 2010
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I invite you to further contemplate the ‘Tree of Eternal Life' that the Lord described to you yesterday – the tree whose fruit is the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Any fruit grows best and to its fullest if it is tenderly cared for with fertilizer and protected against disease. Begin to understand that in the spiritual realm, Holy Love fertilizes and protects every fruit of the Spirit.”

“Yes, Holy Love is the nutrient of every gift of the Holy Spirit – the food of every fruit of the Spirit, and the protection of every grace of the Spirit. Therefore, understand it is not through the intellect that the fruits of the Spirit come, for it is not enough to know about these gifts; it is through the Holy Love in each heart that these fruits take root, grow and prosper.”

“Some claim gifts that they do not have in their hearts – only in their intellect. No fruit can ripen if it is unnourished. In the spiritual being, the fruits of the Spirit must be nourished in and through Holy Love and protected from the disease of pride.”

“With all your might, pray for a strengthening of Holy Love in your heart. God does not refuse such a request.”