June 8, 2010
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come, as always, to save souls and draw each one into Holy and Divine Love. Realize that Truth is only compromised when the soul seeks his own advantage. It is then that the convoluted heart changes the Truth, recreating reality to suit himself and towards some personal gain. But, My brothers and sisters, the Truth never changes. It is always the Truth. Nothing in and of the world can redesign Truth. There are no new or secret ways to interpret the Ten Commandments or the Commandments of Love which comprise Holy Love.”

“There will always be persecutors of this Mission. But understand, My dear apostles, that these are the ones that do not recognize or accept the Truth of Heaven's Mission here. In their hearts they have twisted the Truth and misrepresented the Truth to many.”

“But the moment of Truth comes to each soul. At the soul's judgment before Me, I do not listen to lies or excuses; nor does money, position or title influence Me. So it is best, by far, to live in the Truth of Holy Love as I have given it to you.”