June 23, 2010
St. Augustine of Hippo


St. Augustine says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come once again to speak to you about conversion. Only God can tender forth the grace of conversion. When you pray and sacrifice towards the conversion of a soul, it is so the soul will be open and accept the conversion God is offering. Many, many such graces are summarily rejected leaving the heart in a worse state than before the graces were offered.”

“You can see this played out very profoundly in the Ministry and upon this property. Over and over again the graces offered here and through these Messages are rejected through a skeptical nature – even rash judgment. But God does not surrender to such rejection. He is a generous, loving and merciful God. He will not be discouraged by the coldness with which His graces are regarded. He is Holy Boldness.”

“The fact that I am here today is proof of this. Therefore, never be discouraged in praying or sacrificing for the conversion of souls.”