March 30, 1999
Jesus Christ

Jesus comes in white with much light around Him and around His Heart. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. How can I describe to you the confines of My Heart? The soul that lives in My Divine Love understands that I have always loved him and always will love him. He understands that every cross is a victory if it is surrendered to Me. In that surrender is the merit for every soul. The deeper the surrender, the greater the merit. The soul in union with Me in Divine Love knows that nothing holds value except holiness and salvation. Anything in the way, any obstacle that the soul stops at, is either through his free will or a temptation from Satan.”

“The depths of My Heart are complete peace. It is in the quiet of your soul you have felt this – in the far distant train whistle during the night – in the song bird as you awaken on a spring morning – in the crickets hymn as night falls in the spring. All of these are glimpses of the New Jerusalem and union with My Divine Love.”

“My Mother comes to you on the sweet breeze of Heaven – the fragrance of roses. She wants you to understand that it is Her grace and your efforts that will lead you deeper into virtue, just as the fragrance of a rose draws you closer to the flower.”

“Self love accomplishes the opposite. It pulls you away from Me. It is what you want towards esteem in the world or comfort and consolation. Attempts at holiness are always rendered fruitful through grace when they are sincere. This is once again a ‘simple' call, but difficult in the eyes of the world.”