July 13, 2010
Feast of Rosa Mystica
Mary, Rosa Mystica

Today Our Lady comes as Rosa Mystica. It is Her Feast under this title. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I desire very much that as I have spoken recently about the mystical workings of grace in lives and in the world, that people learn to trust in the grace of My Heart. When problems arise, dear children, turn to Me, your Heavenly Mother. Surrender to the grace of My Heart; then be at peace and observe how grace takes hold of every situation.”

“Do not be so encumbered with the problems at hand that you miss the opportunity to trust in grace.”

“Pray this prayer:”

“Heavenly Mother, I entrust to Your Maternal Heart this situation. Melt it into the grace of Your Heart, making it one with the Divine Will of God. Amen.”