March 31, 1999
Jesus Christ

“So you have come, and I have been waiting for you. Incline your ear to your Jesus, born of the flesh. Understand, I am building up a faith community, a community well-versed in holiness – deep in the virtues. To onlookers it may seem as folly – to the intellectual, an unsynchronized effort to abide apart from worldly values. But think for a moment about My own public ministry. I preached the love of forgiveness. I taught men to turn the other cheek. I told My followers not to store up riches on earth, but in Heaven. I told My brothers and sisters to trust in Divine Providence.”

“All of these concepts provoked disbelief to the self-centered heart. Today, you are following in My footsteps. Then do not be surprised that many disbelieve. It is a difficult path I call you upon – one not easily traveled. The message of Holy Love is centered upon unselfishness – dying to self. It is based on surrender. The more the soul surrenders, the deeper he will come into Divine Love.”

“Divine Love is the New Jerusalem. You don't have to wait. You can have it now while the world swirls around you in turmoil. You do not need to wait for the warning to have your conscience enlightened either. Come to the property. It will all be given within a short time, either as you visit the site, or days subsequent to your visit.”

“This whole mission is based on the victory of Our United Hearts. The victory will be in hearts first, then the whole world.”

“Even this truth, some deny. But you, My sister, must proclaim it. I will bless your efforts.”